Zombie Disco Squad - Twerk feat. DJ Funk

Posted by Laura Dambuleff on May 14, 2012

Here it is.  The second single from Zombie Disco Squad is out today - a massive teaser for the debut album Brains which is out at the end of may.  Watch this space!

Twerk feat. Dj Funk is all claps and low slung bass, bouncing through old school vocal snaps and a monster of a bassline. Showcasing the darker side of Brains, it's dancefloor catnip for those who like to get down and dirty, whilst  'Ibiza Hooligan' employs woozy synths and a subtly menacing chord progression, building to a massive break before snapping back into its percussive groove.  Start your monday off with a boom.

Out now on Beatport!



Erol Alkan - Like the hooligan best, thanks!

Diplo - love it man

David Squillace -  Another good piece around

Justin Martin - Twerk is the JAM!!!!!!!! this shit kills the club:)

Round Table Knights - Sweeeet! Cant wait for the LP

Luke Solomon - LOVE THIS

Zombie Disco Squad

Zombie Disco Squad

Brains Remix EP

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