Win a ‘KMC – kamouflage’ limited Edition pack

Posted by &ME on Aug 29, 2012

Keinemusik x Uslu Airlines - KMC Kamouflage from Keinemusik on Vimeo.

Bang! To duly celebrate the release of our Uslu nail polish edition 'KMC - kamouflage' together with you, we're now firing out one full round of gear: KMC nail polish, KMC limited Edition T-Shirt and KMC limited Edition tote bag.
The winner will be determined on the basis of the comments on this blog only. So just leave a comment right here under this blogpost and you're in the game!

Those of you who want to know exactly what's the special thing about this edition can find all of the information needed on In case playing games is not in your nature or maybe you just can't wait to get hold of it all, you'll find it just one click from here in our SHOP...

...and now: Disengage the safety and comment on. Good luck!

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