New York Times 102

Posted by &ME on Sep 09, 2011

The New York trip could not have started better. British Airways provided with a new entertainment system which would let the 8 hours flight pass in no time. Unfortunately the captain informed us right at the start, that there may be difficulties in keeping the system running, and so we all ended up with one movie and six hours of Pong. The first days passed stressless - walking around and eating was pretty much the deal. Although we didn't have much of a choice really, since the weather was so hot and humid that even laying in the park was exhausting. The temperature went down towards the weekend, and so we could visit Nic Fanciulli and co at the Electric Zoo festival with dry armpits. Next up was my inofficial aftershowparty, followed by the official party of Tanzmann and Buttrich, combined with a few days at the studio to keep the fingers from rusting in. Well - you'll hear more within the next days - got to oil my voice for the karaoke night now wink


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