Eats Everything EP

Posted by Claude Vonstroke on Oct 14, 2011



A1. The Size

B1. Whatever Whatever

Title: Eats Everything EP
Cat-No: DB059
Release date: October 26, 2011

Continuing the amazing Bristol / San Francisco connection that we started with Julio Bashmore a couple years ago, Dan “Eats Everything” has come out guns blazing with a multitude of hot tracks in 2011. But i feel like DB059 is going to be Eats Evertyhing’s big breakout EP, the one that sets the tone for his career.

These are two of the strongest tracks in my bag and they show a great range between them. “The Size” is a super festival track with epic strings and a classic break. First played by Justin Martin at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival last spring I was actually dancing in the crowd and did a huge WTF??!!!! and ran up to find out what it was. This has smashed it at every dirtybird event and every festival I’ve played since.

On the flip, “Whatever Whatever” has got that Bristol magic we love so much. A serene vocal repeating over detuned hits, still managing to sound like a house track but very much modern bass music. It’s everything “The Size” isn’t, much more understated but still absolutely mint. Great record all around.




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