Claude VonStroke - Makeovers

Posted by Claude Vonstroke on Jun 02, 2011


Artist: Claude VonStroke
Label: dirtybird
Formats: Full Length CD, digital, 12″ ltd. singles
Cat-N°: DB054
Release date: July 27th, 2011



Claude VonStroke created dirtybird records in 2005 and continues to run A&R and daily operations. In between classic releases like “Who’s Afraid of Detroit” and “Vocal Chords” VonStroke managed to also produce a large catalog of remixes. A typical VonStroke remix does not fall into the category of “said track getting redone with a new drum beat and some dub effects on top.” No, the typical VonStroke remix tends to be a complete re-work from the ground up.

The “Makeovers” cd is a compilation of some of Claude’s best re-twists, some of which are so far removed they can almost be considered original works. This collection was put together with this theme in mind, the remix as an inspiring starting point for an entirely new piece of music. This is not just a grab bag of old remixes thrown together. All of the remixes have been carefully remastered from the original files at Air Studios, London by Matt Colton. Some have even been re-made and edited by Claude to sound better than the first go around. Three of the remixes are brand new only having been just released in May and June of this year. But no matter when or how they were made, from “Warpaint” to “Percolator,” we think you will agree this is a superb collection of productions from one of the most creative remixers in dance music.



01 Shake It To The Ground - DJ Blaqstarr ft. Rye Rye (VonStroke Mix)

02 Warrior - Andy Caldwell ft. Lisa Shaw (VonStroke Sharp Toof Mix)

03 Silmarions - Mikael Weill (VonStroke Bavarian Ferrari Mix)

04 Percolator - Cajmere (Claude VonStroke Remix)

05 Warpaint - Poxy Music (VonStroke Remix)

06 Wut - Girl Unit (VonStroke Fully Dressed Mix)
[Not Available For Promo]
07 IRST_TE? - Worthy (VonStroke’s R U Thirsty? Mix)

08 Mothership Reconnection - Scott Grooves ft. Parliament Funkadelic (VonStroke Energy Pattern Mix)

09 I am Europe - Chilly Gonzales (VonStroke Take a Trip Mix)

10 Easy Please Me - Katy B (VonStroke Grizzl-fiyah Mix)

11 Glob - Kenny Larkin (Claude VonStroke Remix)

12 Sciubba Diving - Nublu Orchestra (Claude VonStroke ‘011 Retwist)




Jun 16 - Barcelona, Spain @ Sonar/Mobilee Boat
Jun 16 - Barcelona, Spain @ Sonar/Resident Advisor
Jun 17 - Newcastle, UK @ Centre For Life
Jun 18 - Malmo, Sweden @ Babel
Jun 19 - Ibiza @ We Love Space
Jun 24 - Brighton, UK @ Life
Jun 25 - London, UK @ Fabric
Jun 25 - Kent, UK @ Fort Horsted
Jun 26 - UK @ Glastonbury Festival
Jul 8 - San Francisco @ dirtybird
Jul 14 - Dubai @ Infinity
Jul 15 - Dour, Belgium @ Dour Festival
Jul 16 - Bern, Switzerland @ Gurten Festival
Jul 17 - Ibiza @ We Love Space
Jul 29 - Chicago @ Spy Bar
Jul 30 - New York @ Good Units
Jul 31 - Montreal @ Piknik Electronic / Osheaga Festival
Aug 2 - Washington DC @ U Hall
Aug 3 - Boston @ Midweek Techno
Aug 4 - Cleveland @ Foundation Room
Aug 5 - Miami @ Electric Pickle
Aug 6 - Toronto @ Footwork
Aug 13 - Detroit @ Paxahau
Aug 26 - Tallahassee @ Engine Room
Aug 27 - Puerto Rico @ Electric Daisy Carnival
Sep 2 - Albuquerque @ Focus
Sep 3 - Seattle @ Bumbershoot Festival
Sep 4 - Portland @ Alga-rhythms
Sep 9 - Paris, France @ Nouveau Casino
Sep 10 - Isle of Man, UK @ Bestival
Sep 11 - Ibiza @ We Love Space



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