B-Ju “Free Sco”

Posted by Claude Vonstroke on Nov 07, 2011

A1. Free Sco



Title: B-Ju “Free Sco”
Cat-No: DB060
Release date: November 9, 2011



B-Ju’s first track with us was called “My Sneakers” and it was one of my favorite tracks from 2 years ago. The he appeared again on DB050 with “Babbel Net,” another great effort that is still in my rotation. Hailing from Frankfurt but now living in Hamburg, B-Ju is a copywriter for advertising in the “real world.” So we don’t see him appear as much as we would like to. But i have a feeling the DJ life like is like a tractor beam pulling him towards it.

This release is called “Free Sco” and it is as good as anything i have in my bag. It sounds like a proper old school house vibe made with modern technology. I absolutely LOVE the simple synth that drops in around the 2:20 mark. The crowds seem to agree and have been going bananas to this everywhere!



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