A1 Bassline EP

Posted by Claude Vonstroke on Sep 15, 2011




A1. Buoyancy

B1. Falsehood

Title:A1 Bassline EP

Cat-No: DB057
Release date: September 28, 2011

South of Croydon raised Christian Sibthorpe (aka A1 Bassline) sent over a few things over the last 12 months that really had me paying attention. But it was Jessica (J. Phlip) ended up being the first one to drop “Falsehood” at the Spring dirtybird party in SF which pretty much sealed the deal. It just smashed the room to bits. Later on I met Christian in person when he helped me do a live radio show at Rinse FM in London along with Ben Westbeech and we agreed there that dirtybird would put these two tracks out.

A1 claims to have been heavily influenced by early Metalheadz and you can really here it on these tunes. While “Buoyancy” is a smooth pulsing affair that really shines in the deeper mixes, “Falsehood” (which we are re-releasing from A1’s Tighten Up label) really buries the hatched in your brain with bits and pieces of 808s, breaks and house hi-hats all forged together like hot iron.


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