Paris Acid Ball + New Release!

Posted by Batty Bass on May 30, 2012

Bar A Bar
135 Stoke Newington High Street
N16 8BT
For £5 GList mail
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The Paris' Acid Ball collective are taking a break from their spiritual home at Dalston Superstore to throw a special werkout up the road in the fabulous Bar A Bar basement with a 6am license and bespoke sound system.....
New York City's The Carry Nation caused a sensation with their dance-floor bomb THIS BITCH IS ALIVE on Batty Bass Records earlier in the year and we are super excited to be hosting their first UK date. The Carry Nation are DJs Will Automagic (Spank) and Nita Aviance, these two have been wowing New York dance floors for the best part of a decade. We've also shipped in two of our favourite spinners for support - Luke Howard and Severino - residents at London's legendary Horse Meat Disco. Supporting our special guests as ever will be the triple-threat tag-team of Hannah Holland, Dan Beaumont and DJ Squeaky... You know the drill by now: Big room drama, basement acid, and deep dancefloor groove.
New Batty Bass Release!

 We're very proud to release the legendary Justin Robertson'sThe Deadstock 33's - Stranger EP
 with remixes by Daniel Avery. Hannah Holland. Eskimo Twins.
Thumping. Bassline. Mutent. Proto Techno. Another Dimension. Heavy Rhythm. Machine Funk. Bouncy Groove. Acid Flu. High Tension Re-Imagine.
DJ love from Jennifer Cardini, Chloe, Ewan Pearson, Snuff Crew, Matt
Walsh (Turbo), Severino (Horse Meat Disco), Benoit C, and more..
out now!


Have a great bank holiday weekend!
Big love
 XXS BB & Paris Acid Ball Crew X
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Stranger EP - The Deadstock 33’s OUT TODAY!

Posted by Batty Bass on May 23, 2012

Available exclusively on Juno til 30th May then all other stores.
We're very proud to release the legendary Justin Robertson's The Deadstock 33's - Stranger EP. 
with remixes by Daniel Avery. Hannah Holland. Eskimo Twins.
Thumping. Bassline. Mutent. Proto Techno. Another Dimension. Heavy Rhythm. Machine Funk. Bouncy Groove. Acid Flu. High Tension Re-Imagine.
DJ love from Jennifer Cardini, Chloe, Ewan Pearson, Snuff Crew, Matt Walsh (Turbo), Severino (Horse Meat Disco), Flore, Normski, Benoit C, Larry Tee, J Bevin, DJ Will Automagic, Josh Caffe, Deboa and more!

Artwork : Alex Noble


Posted by Batty Bass on May 23, 2012

This Bitch Is Alive ft. Viva Ruiz (Sveta & Tokoloshe Remix) - The Carry Nation - FREE DOWNLOAD!

Posted by Batty Bass on Apr 24, 2012

we're giving away the fabulous remix by Sveta & Tokoloshe as a gift of deep piano bitchy acid for your dancefloor...Enjoy and share away! x
Apologies to anyone who tried to buy it from Beatport. There was a 9 sec file that was beyond our control!

Josh Caffe’s sleazey acid

Posted by Batty Bass on Apr 19, 2012

Indulge in our boy Josh Caffe's sleazy acid twisted mix. Inspired by the director Gaspard Noe, he takes us down an unresistable trippy road... Check out his debut tune in there with Hollagram... Play With The Maid, dedicated to the infamous afterhour people of Dalston's shed..

Hannah Holland remixes DJ Hell

Posted by Batty Bass on Apr 19, 2012

Hannah Holland remixes DJ Hell, alongside Carl Craig, Spencer Parker, dOP & part of DJ Hell's TEUFELSWERK HOUSE REMIXES PART 2 collection out now on Embassy Of Music / International DJ Gigolo


Posted by Batty Bass on Apr 03, 2012

Join us for heightened delirium, swimming in bass, with twisted vocal licks in our favorite pub, for an Easter rave with Hannah Holland, Deboa, Mama & the Batty Bass family!

Ltd vinyl treats up for grabs!

free b4 11pm £3 after

The Star of Bethnal Green
359 Bethnal Green Road, E26LG London, United Kingdom


This Bitch Is Alive!

Posted by Batty Bass on Mar 30, 2012

We're very proud to announce the debut release of NYC's THE CARRY NATION "This Bitch Is Alive" ft. VIVA RUIZ on Batty Bass. It's quite simply a clubland smasher, and has had amazing reactions from the dancefloors and DJS worldwide across the board from Luciano to Annie Mac to Ewan Pearson to Erol Alkan. The very talented Viva Ruiz also directed the "psychadelic ecstatic dance floor vampire insanity realness" video...starring the creatures of NYC's nightlife, with cameos from Jonte & Amanda Lepore! We love it and the remixes from Bubba ,
Gavin Russom , Sveta & Tokoloshe & Johnny Dynell are mindblowing. Plus Alex Noble's artwork (as usual) is outstanding. It's been amazing having so many artists work on this and make The Bitch come Alive! Thank you to all involved. Big up The Carry Nation for making such a classic! We Love you NYC xHH

buy from beatport
buy from itunes
buy from juno

Words by Dan Beaumont -

"We give you the four words that will soundtrack your deepest dancefloor moments throughout 2012… "THIS BITCH IS ALIVE!!"

This Bitch Is Alive is the creation of New York duo The Carry Nation - a pairing of Nita Aviance and Will Automagic. Will has contributed to music on labels like King St, Classic, Buzzin Fly and Nervous, Nita is a long-standing member of the legendary House Of Aviance, both have been working the best underground dance floors in NYC for over a decade and…Featured vocalist Viva Ruiz moonlights as the voice of DFA's The Crystal Ark and has a long history in New York's inhabiting the place where clubs and art meet.

This Bitch Is Alive is a Frankenstein's Monster of a track combining elements of house, techno, punk and electronica to devastating effect - this is a record with it's head and heart in the centre of the dance floor and the exceptional remixes

Batty Bass label-mate Bubba takes his 808 downtown and serves a brilliant slab of frantic subterranean basement acid… you can almost smell the smoke machine on this one.

Gavin Russom (The Crystal Ark/DFA) has laid down 11 minutes of dance floor magic that really has to be heard to be believed - starting off with Ron Hardy's morning alarm clock it tumbles into an epic genre-defying voyage deploying a hefty kick drum and a lot of imagination along the way.

Australian duo Sveta & Tokoloshe take you deeper with their mix, diving into the depths of a murky bass throb that develops into an atmospheric acid thumper laced with piano and danger

And finally New York's Johnny Dynell gives you big room drama, lovingly pouring his house heritage into an epic fix of rolling baselines, synth stabs and pianos. "

DJ Reactions

Thank you a lot! L

Ewan Pearson
Gavin Russom mix is ace.

russom remix is heavy

Cormac (WetYourSelf/BPitch Control/fabric)
all over this!! bubba mix for me thank u .. love to the batty crew <3

Erol Alkan
good release, thank you.

Severino (Horse Meat Disco)
I've been playing the original since last year ...thanks for NYC friends ... Mixes are great too...Gavin Russon my fav ... Also Jonnny Dynell si great too(love that piano) Sveat mix too...too many great mixes !!

Justin Robertson
great tune great remixes!

A great release - wicked to see some Aussie Talents too, go Sveta! Soo close call but the Bubba mix for me. x

Jim Stanton (Horse Meat Disco)

Jools Palmer (NYC)
LOVE this release by The Carry Nation (Nita Aviance + Will Automagic). We've been playing a promo copy of the original for the last month or so at the Bassment party in NYC . . . can't wait to drop Bubba's remix!

Mandy Graves (NYC)
I have been loving this track since first listen about a year ago, and I still play it almost every set. It never ages and so to see all this happening around it now, all these amazing remixes being made and all these incredible DJs giving it life around the globe, it all just gives me a GIGANTIC smile. Viva's voice mixed with the magic that bleeds from the duo of DJ Nita and Will Automagic, makes this one of the most infectious tracks I've heard in years. Looks like this Bitch will live a very long life.

Sean B (NYC)
Mega hot record, get huge dancefloor response everytime here in NYC

Lee Mortimer (Wearhouse Music / Fool's Gold / Dubsided)
Can't resist that old skool bass on the Bubba remix

Batty Bass on a roll

Larry Tee

The Lovely Jonjo (Durrr/ Hot boydancingspot)
LOVE THIS! really feeling the epic Gavin Russon remix.x

We're Not Cool! (Ministry Of Sound Radio)
Loving the Bubba, Sveta & Tokoloshe remixes.. BIG!!!

Bubba stamp is all over this Bitch! defo a mix for all flavas tho

Tommie Sunshine

Really feeling the Bubba & Sveta remixes, def gonna be giving these a spin on radio and in the clubs.

James @ Pulse Radio
Super solid package. Especially liking the oldskool acid of Sveta. although all have thieir individual charms

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