Moni am Mittwoch

Posted by &ME on Aug 22, 2012

Here you can see a draft for the upcoming KM016 from David Mayer. It was eliminated because the boys associated it with a currywurst.

Rampa & Hollis – Look Out – Video

Posted by &ME on Aug 22, 2012

Very spontaneously Rampy Mc Fly and Clemens von Superiest shot a little video to the track "Rampa & Hollis P Monroe - Look Out feat. Overnite".
The idea was not much more than simply to take a ride through the black forrest with the Delorian. Although the end somehow matches the video we'll release next week... KMC!

However, you can imagine it was great fun to cruise across the mountains with that kind of "ride"...


Posted by &ME on Aug 21, 2012

Pull up!

Weekend Snapshots

Posted by &ME on Aug 21, 2012

The maybe hottest weekend of this year's summer and it's shots... loving greets go out to Amsterdam, Marburg, Hannover, Düsseldorf and Mannheim... thanks for the amazing time!!

Keinemusik Radio Show mixed by Uffe

Posted by &ME on Aug 17, 2012

The new Keinemusik Radio Show is a guest mix by Uffe. Some may have his 'When The Sun Rose' still ringing in their ears, as an example of one of the two original tracks from his debut EP 'Colors Outside', which was released on Pets Recordings, the label run by Catz 'n Dogz, in May 2012. Not least thanks to our Denmark-Kreuzberg-Connection his music came to our ears in form of demos already some time before. So that's how once again one thing led to another. We're happy to have him here. And now... showtime!

UFFE - I'll Leave Soon (Official Video)

Keinemusik In Your Town

Posted by &ME on Aug 16, 2012

Week 33 dates coming up:

Fri 17.08. /// Adam Port In Air /// Amsterdam /// NL

Sat 18.08. /// David Mayer & Reznik @ Zimmer /// Mannheim /// DE

Sat 18.08. /// Adam Port @ Apollon's Park /// Hannover /// DE

Sat 18.08. /// Rampa & Re.You Live @ Feier Rhein /// Düsseldorf /// DE

Sat 18.08. /// Adam Port @ Secret Garden /// Marburg /// DE

Win a Rampa & Re.You ‘The Track’ testpressing

Posted by &ME on Aug 16, 2012

Again there's something to win: The very most recent record by Rampa & Re.You including Onno Remix. 'The Track' EP on Gigolo will be in stores August 27.
Here's the testpressing, hot and juicy for you to take away... just leave a comment right here on the blog.
The Track is back.

Moni am Mittwoch is back

Posted by &ME on Aug 15, 2012

I was in Darwin/Australia, and this is what I brought back with me.
You can see more HERE.

Zombie Disco Squad

Zombie Disco Squad

Brains Remix EP

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