You may not have heard so much from Andre (aka &ME) so far. Instead of the flash and glitter associated with most of his producer colleges, he's preferred to stay in the shadows, co-producing and ghost writing for artists like DJ Hell and Terranova.

Now after putting out his first solo single on Keinemusik, which was supported by all the key players (Front Room label boss Jesse Rose, Luke Solomon, Gabriel Ananda, Danny Tenaglia and Dubfire plus many more) &ME is finally ready to 'go public' as they say. He may have taken some time to figure out his own style of blending Techno and House music but now he's out there's really no escape. With a name like an attention deficit child's mantra it's a wonder he stayed 'in' so long.


Win a ‘KMC – kamouflage’ limited Edition pack

Posted by &ME on Aug 29, 2012

Keinemusik x Uslu Airlines - KMC Kamouflage from Keinemusik on Vimeo.

Bang! To duly celebrate the release of our Uslu nail polish edition 'KMC - kamouflage' together with you, we're now firing out one full round of gear: KMC nail polish, KMC limited Edition T-Shirt and KMC limited Edition tote bag.
The winner will be determined on the basis of the comments on this blog only. So just leave a comment right here under this blogpost and you're in the game!

Those of you who want to know exactly what's the special thing about this edition can find all of the information needed on keinemusik.com/usluairlines. In case playing games is not in your nature or maybe you just can't wait to get hold of it all, you'll find it just one click from here in our SHOP...

...and now: Disengage the safety and comment on. Good luck!


Posted by &ME on Aug 28, 2012

What a nice piece of Music! My lil bro Hazel came across this tune and showed it to me... thaaanks!
But please, please do not come up with the idea of adding a kick and thinking it's a cool edit... the thing is way to good for that... thank youuu smile

Weekend Snapshots

Posted by &ME on Aug 27, 2012

It actually may happend that something goes wrong and that there's a hotel confirmation but no flight tickets and you have no other choice but staying at home. On the other hand, sometimes one might just plan to stay at home in the first place in order to enjoy some leisure time activities. Here some moods of such a weekend, besides some shots from Lahr and Kiew. До побачення!

Keinemusik x Uslu Airlines ‘KMC’ Nail Polish

Posted by &ME on Aug 27, 2012

It's that time. After Loco Dice has already mixed his color it was now our turn to create our own version of the Uslu Airlines nail polish, choosing a color that was originally thought to be most possibly invisible rather than an eye catcher. Stone Grey Olive, now not just to camouflage in the woods, but also perfect for the big city jungle. If you're able to see the color at all, you can now get hold of it at WOOD WOOD or Colette, for instance - or simply order it here in our SHOP.

Rampa & Re.You – The Track EP – Gigolo

Posted by &ME on Aug 27, 2012

Heute is Release von Rampas und Re.Yous neuster Platte. "The Track" heißt die A Seite und kommt mit einem ONNO Remix und einer B Seite namens "To The Floor".

Vinyl gibts ua hier:


DJ Feedback:

Maya Jane Coles - "Always happy to hear a Gigolo release and I’m liking this! "The Track" will get some love from me.

Kasper Bjorke - "WOOOO.. Party time!!!! Great package!!! The Track is winning for me."

Loco Dice – “Its all about To The Floor for me here. Nice one!! Supporting!”

Robert Dietz - "Such great originals from these guys!! I can’t wait to play these out. Thanks."

Steve Bug - "Its all about The Track original for me. Strong groove!! Playing this!"

Reboot – “Such a great release from Rampa & Re.You, but it’s the really cool remix from Onno that wins for me.”

Karotte – “The Track is a real BOMB!! LOVE it!! Great work again from the boys!”

Marco Carola – “To The Floor is gonna work for me for sure. Nice track guys!!”

Ali – (Tiefschwarz) – “Immer wieder toll die jungs!! ☺ EXCELLENT!! To The Floor my pick.”

Riva Starr – “More quality from Gigolo and Rampa & Re.You!!! Really great record!!”

Ewan Pearson - "I like the galloping cowbell of the original version of The Track… a LOT."

Tobi Neumann - "Dirty stuff from ONNO and pretty fat too! ☺ Playing!"

UNER - "Rampa + Re.You = Super BOMB!!! Huge support here!!!"

Monika Kruse – “The boys are really bringing back the funk!!! Will be playing these!”

Exclusive Promo Podcast Series #001

Posted by &ME on Aug 24, 2012

It's a pleasure for us to announce that our strong partners and homies of Exclusive Promo from London have now started their own podcast series.
As a natural arm-extension of a promo-agency there will now be a new mix every other week or so, containing fresh material from the pool. If you listen closely you may recognize the sound of some well kown affiliates already on this one wink Put it on your pod: #001

Aaaaand The Track goes toooo…

Posted by &ME on Aug 23, 2012

Congratulations, have fun with the testpressing! All of you who would also like to get the package on vinyl do not have to wait that much longer, since the record will be available at the usual stores from Aug 27.

Here's a snippet of the release: 'The Track', 'To The Floor' and 'The Track (ONNO Remix)'

Keinemusik In Your Town

Posted by &ME on Aug 23, 2012

Week 34 x Berlin x Kiew x Lahr:

Thu 23.08. /// &ME @ Weekend /// Berlin /// UA

Thu 23.08. /// Rampa @ Wicked Park /// Kiew /// UA

Fri 24.08. /// &ME @ Wicked Park /// Kiew /// UA

Sat 25.08. /// Rampa @ Big Bang /// Lahr /// DE

See you there!

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