Claude VonStroke

Claude VonStroke

Claude VonStroke does not scowl and look mean while he DJs. He does not pretend to know everything and he will be nice to you and your friends. He is grateful to be doing music for a living and he knows that the reason people go to parties is to have fun. If you want to act cool and not have any fun then please do not book him.

The name "Claude VonStroke" was a random joke that caught on after a series of tracks grabbed the attention of underground dance music in 2005. His very first record, “Deep Throat,” was an unusually quirky affair that caught fire worldwide and he has been blessed with similar success stories ever since. Claude's real name is Barclay Crenshaw, a guy raised in the suburbs Detroit who wanted to be a filmmaker but always had a knack for music. After several different film careers of varying success and with some help from his friends, VonStroke started the "dirtybird" label at the very late age of 32.

Since 2005, dirtybird has carved out a niche as a premiere American label and has released over 40 EPs. VonStroke has released two artist albums as well as a Fabric mix and over 25 remixes for a wide range of commercial and underground artists from Indy rock group “The Rapture” to Detroit techno legend Kevin Saunderson.

In an effort to give something back to the community VonStroke unveiled a new label “mothership” in 2007. A large percentage of the label’s proceeds go to a music school for children in Claude’s hometown of Detroit, Michigan. This label features more euro-flavored techno and house featuring groups like Catz ‘n Dogz, Maetrik and Voodeux.

Tour wise, Claude has headlined almost every major club, festival and basement after-party in the world. The outdoor dirtybird parties in San Francisco’s scenic Golden Gate Park have also become a legendary summer destination point for both locals and international travelers.

But like we said at the start, Claude VonStroke is only coming to see you if you want to enjoy yourself and get sweaty and nasty. If you want to wear a sweater and frown in the VIP section, he is not the right DJ for you.

Tom Flynn - Be Yourself

Posted by Claude Vonstroke on Aug 29, 2012

1. Tom Flynn - Be Yourself

2. Tom Flynn - Wild Flowers

Title: Be Yourself
Cat-No: DB076
Beatport release date: August 29, 2012
Release date: September 11, 2012

Believe it or not this is Tom Flynn’s third record on dirtybird and he has come a long way as an artist since his first one with us. I think this is Tom’s most thoughtful work to date. “Be Yourself” is immaculate club music with great sounds and great arrangement. This track has done wonders for me in the club all summer, but the B side is one of the most surprising tracks of the year.

“Wild Flowers” starts out deep and unassuming, then slowly builds and builds and builds AND BUILDS into one of the most massive euphoric resolutions I have heard in awhile. It’s absolute killer open air material and probably my favorite Tom Flynn track to date.


BBQ Trax

Posted by Claude Vonstroke on Aug 14, 2012

1. Nick Monaco - Don’t Hate, Create!

2. Justin Jay - Femme Fatale

3. A1 Bassline - Daft

4. Shadow Child & James Talk - Comb Over

Title: BBQ Trax
Cat-No: DB075
Beatport release date: August 15, 2012
Release date: August 28, 2012

Before dirtybird was a record label it started as a San Francisco barbecue party based on sunshine, great music and carne asada. Friends playing good music out in the park for anyone who would show up. In celebration of the energy and spirit of the BBQ party we bring you this 4 track release with that summery open air vibe.

Everyone on the EP is making their 2nd or 3rd appearance on the label. Los Angeles based Justin Jay returns with “Femme Fatale” a fantastic sounding 70s inspired funk-house jam. Nick Monaco also returns, continuing his quirky ideas with the thematic and amusing “Don’t Hate, Create!”. A1 Bassline is back with the ever smooth and melodic 808 boomer called “Daft”. And lastly, we have the highly anticipated return of Shadow Child with “Comb Over” which he co-produced with long time friend of the label, James Talk.

We hope you enjoy and get to try these tracks somewhere outdoors this summer with some BBQ and beers.


dirtybird Summer EP

Posted by Claude Vonstroke on Jul 13, 2012

1. Munnibrotherz - 3 Degrees

2. Nick Olivetti - Jump Up

3. Genghis Clan - Aaaaah Sheeet!

4. Waifs & Strays - Lost (In The Party)

Title: dirtybird Summer EP
Cat-No: DB074
Beatport release date: July 18, 2012
Release date: July 31, 2012

And we’re off! Who has the lucky task of following up Justin Martin’s epic Ghettos & Gardens album? It’s a sampler called “dirtybird summer” celebrating the sounds and sunshine of this year’s amazing summer season.

Track one of this diverse four parter is a melodic overture by the Munnibrotherz from South Africa who debuted on dirtybird last year with the hit record “Moon Chon Chayouh.” Track two is a dirtybird virgin, Nick Olivetti. Some of you have probably heard me drop his track “Hectic Guitar” at some point on the road this year, it was a big part of my live sets. This new one “Jump Up” is just as deadly and even more focused on the super heavy grooves Nick is so good at producing.

Track three is a really fun db style party track by Genghis Clan. Its got the big build up and the fun vox samples but the drop is pure house music and pure summer groove. It really works, especially outdoors. Last but not least are my buddies from Bristol, Waifs & Strays who are also making a debut on dirtybird with “Lost In The Party.” This is kind of like a nu-disco style track if the producers were from Bristol and grew up on filthy basslines and roast dinners. Its also got elements of Detroit techno. Simple and effective I like to say..



Justin Martin Ghettos & Gardens World Tour

Posted by Claude Vonstroke on May 23, 2012

Justin Martin “Ghettos & Gardens” World Tour 

May 02 - Santa Cruz @ Motiv
May 04 - LA @ Avalon
May 05 - Las Vegas @ Artisan
May 11 - San Francisco @ Mezzanine
May 19 - Pyramid Lake @ Symbiosis Festival
May 25 - Irvine @ Lightning in a Bottle Festival
May 26 - Detroit @ dirtybird 
Jun 01 - Birmingham @ Rainbow Warehouse
Jun 02 - Manchester @ Sankeys
Jun 03 - Bristol @ Love Will Save the Night
Jun 09 - London @ Fabric
Jun 15 - Philadelphia @ Philadelphia Experiment
Jun 16 - Washington DC @ U Hall
Jun 20 - Boston @ Phoenix Landing
Jun 22 - Miami @ Electric Pickle
Jun 23 - Charlotte @ Dharma
Jun 29 - Atlanta @ Masquerade
Jun 30 - New Orleans @
Jul 01 - Toronto @ Keating Pub
Jul 06 - SF @ Monarch
Jul 13 - Kauaii @ Café Portofino
Jul 14 - Honolulu @ Asylum
Jul 20 - UK @ Secret Garden Festival
Jul 21 - Ibiza @ Sankeys
Jul 27 - Denver @ City Hall
Jul 28 - NYC @ Verboten
Aug 03 - SF @ dirtybird
Aug 04 - LA @ Hard Summer
Aug 05 - BC @ Basscoast Festival
Aug 10 - Portland @ Refuge
Aug 11 - Seattle @ Electric Tea Garden
Aug 17 - Albuquerque @ Effex Nightclub
Aug 18 - El Paso @ Lowbrow Palace
Aug 24 - Grand Rapids @ Bass Camp
Aug 25 - Dallas @ It’ll Do Discotech
Aug 31 - Edmonton @ Level 2
Sep 01 - Rouyn-Noranda @ Emerging Music Festival
Sep 02 - Chicago @ North Coast Music Festival afterparty
Sep 03 - Montreal @ Piknic Electronic / dirtybird BBQ
Sep 07 - Paris @ Social Club
Sep 08 - UK @ Bestival
Sep 09 - Ibiza @ Space
Sep 15 - Barcelona @ Lolita
Sep 22 - London @ Bugged Out

Justin Martin - Ghettos & Gardens

Posted by Claude Vonstroke on May 22, 2012

1. Justin Martin - Hood Rich

2. Justin Martin - Don’t Go

3. Justin Martin - Ghettos & Gardens

4. Justin Martin - Butterflies

5. Goldie - Kemistry (Justin Martin Remake)

6. Justin Martin - French Kisses

7. Justin Martin - Ruff Stuff

8. Justin Martin - Molokini

9. Justin Martin - Lezgo VIP (Justin Martin vs. Ardalan)

10. Justin Martin - The Gurner (Justin Martin vs. PillowTalk)

11. Justin Martin - Night Calling

12. Justin Martin - Riding Spaceships

13. Justin Martin - Ladybug


Title: Justin Martin - Ghettos & Gardens
Formats: Full Length CD, Digital, Limited Edition Gatefold Vinyl, DJ Versions also available
Cat-No: DB073
Release date: May 22, 2012



Justin Martin made the very first release on dirtybird records in 2005. Seven years later, he delivers his long awaited debut artist album with the very same smile and fun loving attitude he’s had since the beginning. “Ghettos & Gardens” is exactly as advertised - a tender and tough collection of songs that build you up with sweeping strings, then break you down with earth shattering basslines. It’s sunsets vs. cyclones, roses vs. razors, and bunny rabbits vs. wolverines.

Maybe it’s the streets of San Francisco that made his music this way - a place where you can see a beautiful woman and a crippled homeless addict on the same city block. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of the famous dirtybird Golden Gate park parties, where Justin’s loving parents make tacos and chop fresh salsa while total freaks lose their minds in front of the massive sound system. Not a whole lot of producers are just as influenced by E40 as they are by LTJ Bukem, and even fewer of them played the jazz saxophone in high school.

Whatever is going on, most people would say that Justin is one of the most charismatic likable DJs to walk the earth. In this album Justin demonstrates his unique ability to blur the lines between musical genres, taking us through beautiful melodies, UK basslines, moody funk and devastating drops. You can hear the meticulous produc- tion techniques in every track - from the slow Hip-Hop style of Hood Rich to the heavy duty low-end of Molokini. The whole thing is fresh and uplifting like the smell of ozone after a lightning strike. Ghettos & Gardens sounds like nothing else out there – it could not have come from anyone but Justin Martin.


Justin Martin - Don’t Go - Single

Posted by Claude Vonstroke on May 08, 2012

1. Justin Martin - Don’t Go

2. Justin Martin - Ruff Stuff


Title: Justin Martin - Don’t Go - Single
Cat-No: DB072
Release date: May 8, 2012



“Don’t Go” is Justin’s most emotional work since “The Sad Piano”. Ten years after his stunning debut, his ear for gorgeous melodies is stronger than ever. A timeless organ intertwines with an increasingly urgent harp, eventually lifted beyond the heavens by the song’s ethereal vocals. Don’t think this $h!t don’t bang though!! “Ruff Stuff” is a rough-n-tough excursion - first swelling with euphoric shimmering chords leading into a full-on drum and bass inspired beatdown. This is the peaktime dirtybird sound at its finest. Enjoy!


Justin Martin - Ghettos & Gardens - Single

Posted by Claude Vonstroke on Apr 17, 2012

1. Justin Martin - Ghettos & Gardens

2. Justin Martin - Hood Rich


Title: Justin Martin - Ghettos & Gardens - Single
Cat-No: DB071
Beatport release date: April 18, 2012
Release date: May 1, 2012



“Ghettos & Gardens” is the first single from Justin Martin’s debut artist album on dirtybird. The title describes the way this track rises up with beautiful sweeping melodies, almost to the point where you want to kiss the person next to you. But this epic euphoria can only last so long - it peaks with a bassline so tough, it’ll push you down a staircase, and then steal your bus pass.

“Hood Rich” starts with a cascade of voices tumbling over each other, clamoring for attention on the way to the club. Those bold proclamations give way to the melodious tones of a string ensemble that would be welcome in Yo-Yo Ma’s living room. And that’s just the first minute. All niceties aside, a hive of bass bees smashes against the far wall and explodes, leaving no doubt that every booty will be dropping like DAMN.



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